AUDIO: T.R.A.Y. - Moment Of Truth (LP) #AvailableNow

Artist: T.R.A.Y.
Album Title: Moment of Truth (LP)
Tracklist: 15 Tracks [+ Bonus]
Official Release Date: 09/08/2014
Label: P.A.C.E. World Media Group [Independent]
Executive Producer: IaTown Productions
Producer Credits: GeneralBeatz, JustKelpSecret, Vybe, IaTown etc...

Price: Only $2.99

Album Review:
If Moment of Truth is T.R.A.Y.'s last music release, as it has been rumored to be, it illustrates an artist going out in top form. For years Travell Adams aka T.R.A.Y. has been one of the most promising, and talented rappers in the Ohio, midwest region. A lyricist who can strut the player's lifestyle with one track and become an eloquent hip-hop everyday man with the next, an artist for whom modesty is often a sin, and yet, one who still sounds sincere when he's discussing his humble origins. After the immediate classic mixtape TravellRhymesAndYou, we found him at the peak of his powers. With his latest release as he has in the past, T.R.A.Y. balances the boasting with extensive meditations on his life, family, and music career. The back history begins with the first song, "Moment of Truth" (a freestyle), in which Travell traces his career from beginning to present day, riding a mock fanfare and the heart-tugging strings of producer GeneralBeatz. Other top tracks include the sexy and seductive "Get It" in which he takes his time explicitly describing steamy love scenes. "I Had To Do It" finds T.R.A.Y. capping his career with his expansion into designer clothing and various investments. "Future Endeavors" is also proof that he can still speak from his soul and give you a more introspective look at his personal and family life. The only question about Moment of Truth is why would one of the most talented rappers and musicians need to say goodbye?

Following the official artwork and release date, we've now been given the full tracklist for the "T.R.A.Y. -  Moment Of Truth (LP)". The official titles for the 15-track effort are below:

Price: Only $2.99

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