The first next generation music platform has launched

Finally the next generation social music platform is here. It solves the copyright issues that plague older systems, provides unlimited uploads and downloads for all, sell singles and albums and upload promotional free music all in one place, the best discovery, sharing and listening interface for fans, and has by far the most monetization options including music licensing. Best of all, it has the most customizable and flexible terms for artists with no long-term contracts and the payout is 80% of retail revenue directly to artists. Meet Orfium Music.

Attack Magazine recently published a very in-depth and revealing interview with the founders titled “Orfium: The New SoundCloud?”
Last month Magnetic Mag kicked off the hype surrounding the launch with an article titled “Could Orfium be to SoundCloud what Facebook was to Myspace?”
Orfium elegantly blends a full-featured music store, music social network, and licensing platform with a powerful back-end for rights management while also providing the most flexible and fair terms for artists. Orfium’s mission is to provide an open, elegant, and flexible music platform that puts artists and rights holders in control of all forms of promotion, retail, licensing, and distribution of music in the digital age, and to provide fans with the best discovery, sharing, and listening experience. This is a solution without any legal or financial risk to artists, it’s flexibility accomodates any 3rd party deals they might have in place, and it also generates revenue to rightsholders to make them happy and end the tyranny of excessive takedowns.

All of the software features for which other platforms charge to “Premium Users” are free on Orfium including unlimited hosting. There is no barrier to upload, sell, or license your music, and even if you have promotional music to make available for free it is handled through one simple upload gateway.

Check it out, start uploading, and spread the word that The Music (R)Evolution is Here!
We are problem solvers and are continuously improving and building new features and want to hear your suggestions. Please drop us a line at and your helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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